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I make cool Music with FL8. sometimes it's more classical, sometimes it's more industrial. Go figure. No, actually, go listen to it and review it!

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So I've been working on kind of an album for a while. It's by no means really good, but I'm somewhat proud of it. originally I was like "I can sell this thing for like, 5$, right?" but of course, self-doubt makes me procrastinate and not do anything about it.

Originally the idea was to have some songs same as they are here on Newgrounds, have some updated, and have some exclusively on the CD.

but screw that, music should be free. somewhat. at least, recordings. live performances yeah, but now I'm getting off track.

point being, I'm going to upload all the stuff from the album in some way. I may re-submit the updated versions, but I'm a bit lazy to do that...

So the plan is this: all music on Newgrounds and other places, and selling the Album at some point. I'd like to get some art for it first, but if you really want it, find a way to get me 5 bucks and I'll send you a .rar or .zip

Full Track Listing for "Antithesis"

1. The Blissful Void
2. Onslaught
3. Pure Elegance
4. Living Nightmare
5. 200th Epic
6. Rising
7. Lonesome Distance
8. Deadlands
9. Dutch Hallway
10. Spiraling Complex
11. Qwerty's Loop

Please Note: The only ones that are as they are on NG are Lonesome Distance, Qwerty's Loop, Living Nightmare, and soon to be tracks 8-10. all others are updated, and some will be uploaded.

So yeah, cool stuff.

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