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Holy News Post!

2007-08-27 17:41:47 by Qwertyuiopasd

Wow, I figured I'd just make a post, considering, I have none. If anyone I don't talk to in Real Life actually checks this page at all, I'll be working on more Fruity Loops music, so I'll hopefully be updating more. I'm also working more on a Collaborative Effort called Retrospective with HyperFreak and Keth-Andril. So that may take priority over my own works updating, but once it's finished it'll rock your socks off.

That is all for now.



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2007-10-27 07:51:25

Hello my frend or not =( anyway... luv ur music, but havent got a chance to review it lol... do u make general rock songs? !!! u beat me in flash reviews! darn! but i beat u in audio reviews!!! yah! and i joined it later, 2007, u joined in 2004, anyway im not insluting u my friend < what i think, but u think im not ur friend =( so bye bye from now< god i need to get better at this talking thing


2008-03-25 03:02:42

:D Im just a random checking your page ^.-


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