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Moar update

2008-03-08 00:57:04 by Qwertyuiopasd

Considering the only other news post up is incredibly old, I figured I'd post an update to people who might occasionally come across this site.

allll three of you.

Anyway: Not working on solo FL projects very much anymore. If something really takes me, I *might* write something, but it's unlikely. Might post some re-mixed versions of songs already on NG... but maybe not.

What I will be working on is collaboration with Hyper_Freak in FL. we won't neccesarily post anything, but it's not like I'm just lying around doing nothing.

Mostly though I'll be focusing on my piano and theory skills, so when I come back to solo projects they can be tenfold better.

in the meantime: Go buy or download Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails. Why? It's the shit. also: only 5 dollars for 36 tracks, or nothing, if you download it using filesharing sites, which IS legal, because he used a Creative Commons, not unlike being the EXACT SAME THING Newgrounds uses.

so that's epic.



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2008-03-25 02:59:43

<;P Sure is.